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Mythos Happy - Heting Artelier
Mythos Happy - Heting Artelier

Mythos Happy

Nature's Design

Structure your water with the practical and sturdy "Mythos" Tumbler from Nature's Design.

  • Weight - 0.8 lbs Height - 3.25 in / 8.25 cm
  • Capacity - 0.25 L / 8.45 fl oz
  • Production - Machine made from Poland
  • Material - Lead-free quartz glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

Colors represent an additional energetic intention layered into the Flower of Life design based on color therapy. Happy (Rainbow design) represents a focus of joy.

The design of the cup Mythos, as with all our glassware, is made using the natural law according to the golden ratio. This mathematical model found almost universally in nature is often referred to as Sacred Geometry, because it is the geometry of life. Using the Mythos cup for drinking water and other liquids increases the biological value and improves flavor. The cup Mythos is specifically designed for intensive use and safety, so it is suitable for children as well as commercial use.