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Story of Heting Artelier


Heting Artelier brings people back in touch with nature, and themselves. Through approachable arts and crafts, and inspiring and enlightening experiences, Heting Artelier helps you to identify life’s true values, and guides you towards positive change.



Brand Story

The ancient Chinese poem “Water Pavillion of Hermit Lin” tells the story of a mystical place known as “crane courtyard” – Heting – where a Song Dynasty ascetic named Lin enters a state of existential bliss as he contemplates the transcendental power of nature surrounding him. If, like Lin, we too learn to see with fresh eyes, we’ll become aware that beauty and wonder is closer than we think, and that our world is as dynamic, and awe-inspiring as that paradise on earth known as Heting.

The poem’s essence – union with nature and the interconnectivity of all things – is what our brand embodies. Heting is a call to nurture and nourish your body, mind, and soul. It’s a journey into a world of magic and dreams.

Heting jewellery, lifestyle products, and workshops inspire you to leave the inauthentic behind, and live a more balanced, conscious, and satisfying life. At Heting Artelier, we want you to find your own unique, creative voice and style, so you flourish in beauty, truth and love.