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MYTHOS Kids - Blue (I am happy)
MYTHOS Kids - Blue (I am happy)
MYTHOS Kids - Blue (I am happy)

MYTHOS Kids - Blue (I am happy)

Nature's Design

Structure your water with the practical and sturdy "Mythos" Tumbler from Nature's Design.

  • Capacity - 0.25 L / 8.5 fl oz
  • Production - Machine made from Poland
  • Material - Lead-free quartz glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

Created in the classic Mythos tumbler (The glass that lifts itself up). Children and adults alike are big fans of these artistic and beautiful glasses. But beyond the pretty illustration and the inspiring affirmation is the magic of the shape, the Golden Ratio that revitalises and energises water in just 3 minutes.

Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics. Even today, this perfect proportion can be found in art, in architecture, in design – and elsewhere. The Golden Ratio is evident everywhere in nature, which is why we use it as the guiding principle in the design of our products. It arises from the equality of proportions, when the relationship between the larger and the smaller part is the same as that between the whole and the larger part. This ratio, this formula – the phi number from mathematics – is 1.618. All glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the Golden Ratio, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of life force energy.