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The Loving White Rose Collection | New Launch

The purest of its kind, the white rose symbolizes true affection, sparking an intricate feeling of intimacy that warms the heart. The flower of love, white roses have overlapping petals arranged in an orderly fashion. Just like love itself, every rose blossoms in its own time, transcending the limits of age and physical form. It is the essence of a pure soul-to-soul encounter.




 Featuring stunning bracelets made of high quality pearls meticulously hand carved, using at least 3 hours, into the shape of elegant white roses, and with sterling silver or 18K rose gold plated sterling silver set with white sapphires, the Loving White Rose collection is the result of exacting efforts to create some of the most exquisite pieces the world has ever seen.

這是白玫塊與珍珠愛的結晶,每顆珍珠玫瑰經工匠雕刻三小時而成,配純銀或玫瑰金鍍銀手鏈,並精心配置於永生花珠寶盒內,具高貴優雅的海軍藍色與浪漫迷人的粉紅色選擇,更顯珍 · 瑰。

Love is pure.
Love is transcendent.
Love is a white rose.