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Super Balm 50g
Super Balm 50g
Super Balm 50g
Super Balm 50g
Super Balm 50g

Super Balm 50g



A jar of functional balm for multi purpose use, this is definitely a must have item, which can help to solve a variety of skin problems.  From emergency use, skin problems or as beauty nourishing balm, all it can help!!


"SUPER" balm - powerful funciational balm, made with 100% natural / organic carrier oil and essential oil. The base oil of our magical superbalm includes rosehip, calendula flower, organic bee wax……all are plant-based oil which contains over 10 essential fatty acid of the human body, that helps promote cellular regeneration, moisturize the skin, brightens the skin tone, keeping skin growing, radiane, soft and increase skin elasticity.  At the same time, it quickly heals wounds, heals dry, cracked lips/skins, and reduces stretch marks.


Emergency /First aid:

Suitable for cuts, burns, and itching and redness after mosquito bites

Skin problem:

Suitable for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, diaper rash, acne skin, redness and inflammation and other skin problems, quickly help heal wounds, heal dry, cracked lips / skin, reduce stretch marks, age spots and scars

Skin care:

  • face and lip make up remover (deep cleaning & remove dirt)
  • Facial & lip massage balm (massage all over face and lip or use as lip balm to nourish and moisturize tissue cells to soften and brighten skin)
  • Facial (Massage as nourishing balm or use as night cream, best for apply in the morning before makeup, which help to keep full make for whole day and looks more brightening, youthful skin)
  • Hand and foot care (apply on nail help reduce barbs and dry hands and feet, skin and skin cracking problems)

***Healing Properties are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-inflectous, anti-sepetic, and also help calming, soothing, ba