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Moist ON Natural body & hand lotion - Heting Artelier

Moist ON Natural body & hand lotion

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  • All-natural formula body & hand lotion
  • Richly made with natural ingredients, contains Vetiver, Sandalwood, coconut and olive oil
  • NO SLS, SLES, Paraben, MIT, MT and mineral oil
    Dissolve in the abundance of natural essential oils blend. Luxuriate in the goodness of natural essential oils. Redeem the tranquility of mind. All in good hands.  A plethora of calming and rich essential oil blends only for our esscentric rebels. Life is too short to settle for less—choose the best. 

    Our new body & hand wash (rinse OFF) and body & hand lotion (moist ON) promise to cleanse, calm, and pamper. Stately wave all stress goodbye with our artist-blend fragrance! Allow our aromatic goodness to entrap your restless souls.
    Immerse now in the scents of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Palo Santo, Benzoin, Caraway, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Mandarin Green.
    Let our EFFERVESCENT combo transcend your daily toiletry experience. All are in good hands. 
    Moist ON, then pamper them with our all-natural formula of coconut oil, olive oil, rose hip fruit oil and shea butter. Soft, supple, and salubrious hands for the day? An understatement.   

    凝神靜思 古⽊木檀香 全天然精油⼿手部洗淨潤養新品 
    Rinse OFF ⾝身體/洗⼿手露:呵護配⽅方、洗淨塵⼟土煩囂、凝神餘香包覆 雙⼿手 Moist ON ⾝身體/潤⼿手露:滋養肌膚、刺刺激再⽣生、鎖住⽔水分和香味 
    esscentric 2017最新⾝身體及⼿手部洗淨潤養新品EFFERVESCENT 香味師兼創辦⼈人Jodie親選來來⾃自香料和花果⽊木的珍貴精油,調製出獨特 的檀香味。Rinse OFF ⾝身體/洗⼿手露和Moist ON⾝身體/潤⼿手露獲新舊esscentric ⽤用家⼀一致好 評──⾝身體及⼿手部洗淨潤養露成分天然無添加、配⽅方滋潤⽽而不失清爽, 其踏實餘香靜謐⼼心靈、駛⼈人神往⼭山⽔水縈紆間,⼀一試難忘。 
    EFFERVESCENT揉合多種珍貴精油,有凝神的檀香、岩蘭草、廣藿 香、 讓人心情愉悅的安息香、秘魯聖⽊、苦橙葉等。各種天然味道混 和玫瑰草、義⼤利綠桔、藏茴⾹等清新薰⾹,成就Rinse OFF洗⼿手露 和Moist ON潤⼿手霜讓⼈人難以抗拒的芬芳馥郁 。 
    Rinse OFF ⾝身體/洗⼿手露:呵護配⽅方、洗淨塵⼟土煩囂、凝神餘香包覆 雙⼿手 
    Rinse OFF⾝身體/洗⼿手露和Moist ON⾝身體/潤⼿手露選⽤用天然材料,不 含SLS、SLES、Paraben防腐劑、MIT、MT和礦物油,產品不經動物 測試。