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‘Flow through my Heart’ Water Crystal pendant
‘Flow through my Heart’ Water Crystal pendant
‘Flow through my Heart’ Water Crystal pendant
‘Flow through my Heart’ Water Crystal pendant
‘Flow through my Heart’ Water Crystal pendant

‘Flow through my Heart’ Water Crystal pendant

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Pomegranate Red guilloché enamel and clear crystal pendant set in 18K Rose Gold

Story Behind Water Crystal of Eternity:

World famous Japanese researcher, Dr. Marsaru Emoto, brought us an important message about water. After years of research and experiments, he found that water can store messages and remember them. From the perspective of quantum physics, all things that exist in the world generate vibrations. Water can reflect those vibrations and frequencies in the form of different water molecule arrangements and crystal shapes. Through water crystal photos, we can see the energy behind our thoughts and words. Different minds and emotions produce different vibrational frequencies and patterns. When we have genuine love and gratitude in our hearts, water crystallizations reflect it, creating beautifully formed hexagonal crystals.

About seventy percent of the human body is water. Whatever thoughts and beliefs we have, water within our body can carry the same vibrational frequency. We naturally radiate these frequencies and energies, and interact with our surroundings. Our mind has the power to influence the world. As long as our heart is full of love and gratitude, wonders worthy of love and gratitude will continue to flourish. It is a life overflowing with happiness and love.

Through the Water Crystal of Eternity pendant, HETING wishes to spread the feeling we hold in our hearts. Let the pure and flawless water crystal render love and gratitude. It spreads the frequency of love, bringing positive connections between people, faith and eternal love.

May the Water Crystal of Eternity tell you softly:

Thank you for our encounter in life.
Thank you for being with me always.
Thank you for every step we have taken together.
Thank you for the coming days that we will experience together.
Let love flourish forever.

「心湖 Lake of my Heart」18K 白色黃金項鍊連湖水藍色琺瑯白水晶吊墜


世界著名的日本江本勝博士(Dr. Emoto) 經多年的研究和實驗,給我們帶來了水的訊息,證明了水是我們心念的一面鏡子,我們的心念、情緒、言語、祝福的音聲都會影響水分子的結晶。 物體震動產生能量、發出聲波。水能感應聲波、心波,反映在結晶體的形態和排列。當我們懷著真摯愛和感恩的心,水的結晶如實反映,結出和諧漂亮六角晶體。

「水之結晶 Eternity」項鍊吊墜是一件可穿戴在身上的微型藝術品。其設計是依據日本江本勝博士研究水能透過結晶傳 遞訊息,呈現所拍攝到永恆(Eternity)水結晶的形態。項鍊連吊墜均為 18K 黃金,吊墜約一厘米口徑,以精細考妙的手工把水之結晶活現眼前,結晶中央飾有全人手雕刻彩琺瑯,再嵌上六角形切面白水晶。琺瑯的層理打造出幼細的放射紋圖案,營造出微妙的光影效果,通過晶瑩的水晶,猶如發放著愛的頻率。