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Natural Perfume Making Workshop@PMQ 天然香水調配工作坊@元創方 - Heting Artelier
Natural Perfume Making Workshop@PMQ 天然香水調配工作坊@元創方 - Heting Artelier
Natural Perfume Making Workshop@PMQ 天然香水調配工作坊@元創方 - Heting Artelier

Natural Perfume Making Workshop@PMQ 天然香水調配工作坊@元創方

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Natural Perfume Making Workshop 

The power of scent can not only bring back memories of the past, but also bring different influences to the body and mind. Unfortunately, most of the perfumes on the market today are blended with synthetic fragrances. Over time, we have forgotten the smells that have existed in nature since ancient times.

Only natural perfume is made with aromatherapeutic essential oil that's 100% natural and full of plant vitality. It makes people feel comfortable and happy, and it can have a great influence on people's body and mood. In this workshop, let us explore from the perspective of aesthetics and healing to blend essential oil perfumes, and re-experience the magical power of natural aroma!

This is an introductory class for those who are interested in making your own scents but with little or no knowledge in essential oil and perfume. Upon completing the workshop, you will be able to blend your own favourite oils at home.

We will offer a “Precious Essential Oil Class” with the selection of precious essential oils like Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Rose essential oil is known as the Queen of Essential Oils, it helps balancing female hormones and solving problems of female reproductive system. Jasmine essential oil carried the title of the King of essential oils for centuries, which enhance relaxation and relieve tension.

Come create your unique scents with Jodie!

Workshop Content:
- What Essential Oils are
- The uniqueness of using essential oils for making perfume
- Natural perfume VS Artificial perfume
- Introduction of 9 kinds of essential oil
- Skills on blending perfume oils

Class A


Duration: 1.5 hrs

Fee: HKD680 (including 1pcs of 6ml custom blend natural perfume)

 Class B (Precious Essential Oil Class)

Duration: 2 hrs

Fee: HKD880 (including 1pcs of 6ml custom blend natural perfume)


Venue: Heting Artelier (PMQ S514)

Class size: 8

Language: Cantonese

Enquiry: 9478 8235 (whatsapp)/ 2546 0008 (call) 



About the Tutor

Jodie Chan

ESSCENTRIC's Founder & Scent Creator

Certified Holistic Aromatherapist (IFPA/ NAHA/ NZROHA)

Jodie is passionate about the uniqueness of aroma and about mixing the deep scents of different essential oils, hence ESSCENTRIC is born- an expression of authentic alluring aroma in a modern lifestyle. Through understanding of individual personalities, stories and memories, Jodie customize personalized blends of perfume oils and home scents with natural essential oils. Stand out from the ordinary and rebel a bit with your very own scent made especially by the founder of Esscentric.







  • 什麼是香薰精油
  • 香薰精油作為香水材料的獨特性
  • 比較天然香水與一般市面上的香水
  • 調配天然香水的要點
  • DIY環節
  • 地點:中環元創方




費用:$680 (包括一支6ml個人調配天然香水)


B (珍貴精油班)


費用:$880 (包括一支6ml個人調配天然香水)


地點:Heting Artelier 平台 (元創方S514平台)



查詢電話:9478 8235 (whatsapp)/ 2546 0008 (致電)



Jodie Chan

ESSCENTRIC's 創辦人及Scent Creator

國際認可整全芳香療法師 (IFPA/ NAHA/ NZROHA 

Jodie 對獨特香氣充滿熱情,熱衷混合不同精油之深層味道,從而創立ESSCENTRIC品牌,以時尚生活品味,表現誘人之真實香氣。她力臻完美,喜歡創造動人氣味,保證採用純正香薰精油,創造獨一無二一的手工香水 (Perfume Oils) 和環境氣味 (Home Scents);透過了解你或你們的性格、故事及回憶,以專有獨特的精油,去創造只屬於你或你們個人專屬的氣味。