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Icosa-dodecahedron Pendant (gold) - Heting Artelier
Icosa-dodecahedron Pendant (gold) - Heting Artelier
Icosa-dodecahedron Pendant (gold) - Heting Artelier

Icosa-dodecahedron Pendant (gold)

Sacred Creations
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Sacred Geometry Accessories 神聖幾何飾物 
  • Consists of an Icosahedron with a small Dodecahedron inside
  • The Icosahedron represents the element Water
  • The Dodecahedron represents the element Prana or Ether
  • Connects with the Sacral Chakra (Emotions, Creation and Sexuality)
  • Helps to connect with the Divine and Gaia
  • Weight 16g, Dimensions 28.6 x 28.6 x 28.6 nn
  • Material: Brass

The geometry of the Icosahedron is build up of 20 faces, 12 vertices and 30 edges. This symmetrical solid is made of 20 equilateral triangles.

Just like the Icosahedron, the Dodecahedron has 30 edges. But the number of faces and vertices are reversed. The Icosahedron has 20 faces and 12 vertices, but the Dodecahedron has 12 faces and 20 vertices.

This solid represents the element water. Water is all about movement, change and go with the flow. Since it can easily change from gas to a liquid to a solid.
Besides water, it’s also connected to the Sacral Chakra (2nd). This Chakra resonates with emotions, creation and sexuality. Of course, just like the element water, the Sacral Chakra is also connected with all our fluids and liquids of our body.

So what can the icosahedron do for you? It can assist you in many ways. For example, it enhances your creative thought process. Not only that, but also unblocking and removing emotional blockages that cut off the creative energies.

Besides, it will help you to understand the emotions that arise. It allows you to have a clear sight of why you experience certain emotions and helps you to react to it. It’s the perfect healing tool for finding balance and harmony, especially in the areas of fertility and sexuality.